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Catering for meetings, staff gatherings, or social events.

Sunflower Catering is the place to quickly and easily arrange your important events.
Save Time
Quickly and easily find the caterer, restaurant, budget range, or any other type of criteria that’s important to you. Browse or compare menus, and add the ones that are right for your group to your...
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Save Money
Once you’ve ordered, you can easily adapt the order as conditions change at your end. You can add more people, request special items, or cancel the order altogether. Meanwhile, your purchase accrues valuable points that...
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Save Stress
Great food, delivered by caterers that care about doing business with you again and again. Easy ordering and order modification Customizable multi-caterer orders that make sure that everyone in your group is happy Incentive points...
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Ethnic Cuisine
A wide range of ethnic cuisine is ready to be delivered to your group - from simple pizza to extravagant...
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Business Catering
If you're looking for a sandwich tray delivered to your office, you came to the right place. The best caterers...
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Celebrations and Parties
Planning a party? Our caterers provide everything you'll need -
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School Lunches
Break out of the same-old-same-old routine for school lunches, and show your students the possibilities that lie ahead for them!
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